Temperature scanning

Are you looking for a Seek scan? Then you are in the right place at Thermobeeldcamera.nl. 
We are the expert in the field of compact infrared measuring instruments.
Thanks to our 20 years of experience in offering thermal cameras for body temperature scanning,
we know how to recommend the best body temperature scanner at all times. Temperature
screening becomes very easy in this way.

You will find the Seek scan for scanning body temperature in our webshop. 
Seek scan is the non-contact body temperature scanner.
This scanner performs a non-invasive thermal check of human temperatures.
The accuracy of this scan falls within 0.3 degrees between 36 ° C and 40 ° C degrees per
second scan time. This is a body temperature scanner in which the thermal image and the
digital camera are combined into one device. This non-contact temperature screen automatically
detects faces and measures the temperature in the corner of the eye of the person's face.
This way you and your staff can reduce contact with the person to be investigated. Thanks to
the included software, you will receive an alarm if the person's temperature is below or above
the set alarm temperature. You can easily set up this form of body temperature scanning with
the Seek scan with two tripods that are included. You will also receive a USB-C cable that is
included for connecting the camera to the Windows PC and a plug for the heat and sensor.
This way you can quickly and easily perform a temperature screening and scan the body
temperature with our advanced body temperature scanner from Seek scan. Choose more compact scanning Did you know that in addition to ordering a body temperature scanner, you can also contact us
for a very compact infrared thermal camera? This thermal camera can be connected to your
smartphone (with operating systems Android or iOS) so that you can consult the temperature
of objects or people to be scanned anywhere. With the click of a button you can measure the
temperature of different objects, surfaces or people in daylight or at night.

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